Second Accident update

Written by: Bobbye Jean Manzari

Your prayers continue to be answered as doctors explain they have rarely experienced such good results from an Integra surgery. With the positive results in the past few weeks of the healing of his Integra layer, Matt was able to have his first major skin graft surgery today. All went well and the doctors are optimistic for good reception of the skin transfers. They were able to cover almost all of his wounds with skin from his thighs and one calf. This is a huge step towards healing and we are grateful this part of the process has begun! He will be restricted in movement for the next week and will be in braces that will hold his arms in a safe position. We will know in about a week how much of his grafts were accepted, but we are praying all of it does!

We also found out a few days ago that we are having a baby boy! Our Popsicle gender reveal at the hospital was so full of excitement and Matt and I feel beyond blessed by our family, friends, and nurses who made it so special.

Life is very strange to me with the extreme lows intertwined with extreme highs all swirled in one lifetime, and often, sharing the same moments…In our extremely difficult time, there has been a consistent presence of blessings that overwhelms me with gratitude, peace, strength, and joy. These emotions share the same space with emotions of sadness and I am perplexed that one can feel the full array all at once… Our God is so caring and helps me through the complexities. You all have come alongside of us and helped in every way possible to bring hope and healing and I find it impossible to fully explain my thankfulness. I have learned more about God’s goodness through people than I could’ve ever imagined possible. Thank you… Each and every one of you. We love you.

Bobbye Jean

Matt Manzari