sixth accident update

Written by: Bobbye Jean Manzari

Today is day 78 and it is a new chapter… We have moved from the Trauma Step Down unit to the Inpatient Physical Therapy!  This is a huge step forward for Matt and when we reflect on the doctor’s original timeframes for this step, we see how good our God is.  He is not bound by doctor timelines J  At this new facility, they will focus on giving Matt the most use of his arms and neck possible.  They will also help teach him alternative ways of using the left wrist that he cannot lift.  He is left-handed, so the loss of use in that hand has forced him to relearn everything right handed, but he is making it work!

Emotions were hard to hold back as he got to leave the trauma unit yesterday.  There is a bell that patients ring when they are leaving, and we longingly looked forward to the day that it was Matt’s turn to ring it loudly.  Yesterday was his day and it was so symbolic of the miracle that he is.  All the nurses gathered around and cheered and cried with us.  There was a part of me that couldn’t believe we were blessed enough to experience this moment.  When we first arrived at the hospital, I was told so many horrible scenarios of what would happen:  There will be significant brain damage, his heart will be compromised, his kidneys will shut down from the toxins of the dead tissue, he might lose his arms, he will not be out in time for the delivery of our baby, and the list went on.  Somebody pinch me because the outcome feels like a dream come true!

His pain has been decreasing with his walking and he is more mobile now.  Unfortunately, his sternum, ears and head remain a constant source of pain, as they all have open wounds and require dressing changes.  He does still have pain in his arms, shoulders, and neck due to the scar tissue bands that he must stretch to move.  Also, they still find leftover staples and stitches daily.  We are still waiting to hear when surgery to skin graft over his sternum will be.  Until we know, he is going to be working hard at rehabilitation.

As we look at the reality of going home, we are beyond grateful for the support that we have had.  Going home is a big transition and it can be intimidating taking those next steps not knowing what the new “normal” looks like.  The prayers, help, and financial support from everyone we know, as well as the people we don’t know, help us to see hope and see God’s hand at work.  Thank you for the blessings.  Matt and I cannot wait to be able to bless others in hard times as we have been blessed.  We love you all!

Matt Manzari